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He left the window and came to stand before her. He did not reply at once, but reached out to trace the curve of her cheek with his forefinger. Then: "We have been happy" Their eyes held together, and then he bent his dark head to hers. His lips were hard and soft, cool and burning. She ran her hands up and down his bare back. "Come to bed," he murmured against her mouth.
- "The Road to Avalon"

"I would sacrifice my place on the throne for her to see another sunrise"
- Arthur: Merlin (BBC)

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I thought we were friends.
As did I. 


Morgana Appreciation Week  -  Favourite Relationship

Arthur x Morgana

"If anything happens to Arthur, I’ll find you. However long it takes!"

morgana pendragon appreciation week 
day three
 favourite relationship 


[Morgana Pendragon Appreciation Week 

day three: favourite relationship(s)


Morgana Appreciation Week: Favorite Relationship

morgana/arthur + dirty paws lyrics
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summary: Morgana is upset after her breakup with Merlin and Arthur decides to help her out. (beta: orianecongostsfic

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Are you alright Morgana? You seem quiet. I’m fine.

You sure? I can always tell when you’re lying.


Arthur + Morgana | saying each others names